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Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

Its July of 2021. One of my daughters will take her oral law exam tomorrow, which, if successfully completed will mean the fulfillment of her long attention to this incredible goal. My other daughter, freshly returned from a vacation in Turkey is a language genius with deep curiosity, an excellent sense of humor and simply beautiful. My wife and I barely need to work and enjoy excellent health.

In a normal world, that combination of good fortune should be all one would require for a relaxed and pleasant existence. Alas the world has become so abnormal that simple happiness, or the concomitants thereof, are no longer sufficient for peace or even for peace of mind.

The western world, its philosophies, successes and even beauty have been intentionally attacked and perhaps mortally wounded by individuals and institutions driven by craven motivations of hubris and lust for power. They have done this secretly and stealthily with no less an intention than that of absolute global domination of humanity.

Less intelligent or less informed people will have no idea that this assault has been and is being made. This is, of course how these domineering elites want to have it. It is no coincidence that the media consolidation which began under the Clinton administration has reduced the voices in national media from literally thousands to just six and a couple of swift decades. Thus most inattentive people neither recognized nor realized the change had happened. Thus they remain uninformed or misinformed and will tamely call any informed researcher a conspiracy theorist; that very successful CIA brainwashing technique.

In this piece I will call our enemies “The Establishment” although Globalists and Elites are also handy monikers for the these mischievous billionaires and other various scoundrels. The Establishment is comprised of many actors and factions with varying interests, skills and power. A general attribute is that they all know of at least a part of the corrupt plan and that they will profit in some way by supporting the principle drivers of this genocidal revolution.

The establishment was thrown a curve in 2016 when their attempt to steal the election for Hillary Clinton failed. They had guaranteed her the win. In fact, as far back as 2008, they had guaranteed her to succeed Barrack Hussein Obama who was their chosen one in that year. Trumps’ electoral win in 2016 threw a wrench in their plans of a centralized neo-feudal global government, the new world order which has been parroted by all selected mis-leaders for 30 plus years now.

The ‘all hands on deck’ alarm which was called as soon as trump won consolidated the various factions around the world from media, big tech, alphabet agencies, career bureaucrats, corrupt (all) foundations, corrupt sell out politicians of every stripe. It was successful in stopping the tsunami of support by poisoning everything Trump was elected to do from the halls of justice, to the capitol to the centers of government around the world. The owned media denounced him, the sheep followed the media, big tech censored all oppositional voices, the corrupt judges and bought district attorneys abused their offices with dishonest and treasonous attacks and judgments.

For the piece de resistance these international criminals colluded to steal the presidency and other high national offices in 2020. These forces are without scruple and without an ethical or moral adherence to any code other than “power at all costs”. This mocks the most important advances made in humanity’s long march our of the brutal swamp where might makes right, and since they are the mighty, this is exactly what they want.

The Chinese model is their current favored form of totalitarianism. The old form of communist autocratic rule has been enhanced and supported by big tech. Google dragonfly project enabled the social credit system in China to be merged with facial recognition and big data to make the Chinese citizens transparent slaves with zero privacy or control over ANY aspect of their lives at all.

The fake Biden regime in the USA, is in favor of the big tech censorship of anyone who has a differing opinion than that of The Establishment. How do you think that will work out for the sleeping masses?

History provides many examples, none pretty, but the unhinged left has been cuckolded by cancel culture, white guilt and communist indoctrination from grade school to advanced degrees. These misled masses will not survive. They will either be unable to live through the shock or embarrassment of the realization of their ignorance or they will simply die, as pawns must, in the game they either refuse to understand or are incapable of understanding. The absolute heartlessness of their chosen overlords may possible remain obscured from them until they have given up their ghost.

The planned COVID non-pandemic Establishment project is now about a year and a half old. For anyone watching acutely, it was clear from the beginning that there was no real medical basis for this. If one ignored the “Event 201” practice run in September 2019, one could have been forgiven for swallowing the bait for a bit but the logic began dissolving immediately. The “two week lock-down” to “flatten the curve” was continually extended and the reasons changed from hospital overcrowding worries, to death numbers to case numbers and invented rations which were increasingly divorced from actual illness. To this moment, all metrics for the authoritarian theft of foundational rights is based on the PCR test which was never designed as a diagnostic test, testing for a virus which has never been isolated and which makes nobody sick who isn’t already seriously compromised. The State and the media propaganda machines allow no rational discussion by qualified and lay individuals and actively censor them going against ALL accepted constitutional law. Authorities have continuously overstepped their authority to act with color of law using bullying extortion and all art of threatening methods to force untested and unauthorized genetic therapies on the public. These human rights violations will tie up all levels of the court systems for decades which the Poison manufacturers reap billions but bear no responsibility for the negative outcomes of their experimental products.

I have heard eminent microbiologists say that as a result of taking these experimental gene therapies life will be shortened for millions. That’s a bit vague but hardly encouraging, nevertheless, where are the politicians in all of this? Just sitting back and hoping to play the ignorance card when millions want their heads on pikes. Good luck with that. We’re coming for YOU misleaders!

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